LOCATION: Mill Creek Middle School (Kent, Washington)
EARLY HORSE COST: $10 per participant (Register before March 17th, 2023 to receive the early horse price!)
NORMAL COST: $15 per participant (Register before April 19th, 2023 to participate)


*: Incomplete teams of 1-2 may be merged with other teams to make a full team of 3-4

Note for International Students: Students not in Canada or the United States should participate in the international version of our tournament being run by SIMCC. Email us at tournament@mustangmath.com if you're interested.

Note for Students in Washington: Students living within 50 miles of our in-person sites must participate in person. If you have an extenuating circumstance that would prevent this please send an email to tournament@mustangmath.com, and we'll grant you permission to participate online.


DayStart Time (PT)Event
4/22-4/29All DayProblem of the Day
4/298:30 AM-9:00 AMCheck-in
4/299:00 AM-9:30 AMOpening Ceremony & Contest Instructions
4/299:30 AM-10:55 AMMounting Mayhem (75 minutes)
4/2910:55 AM-12:05 PMHerding Hexes (60 minutes)
4/2912:05 PM-1:00 PMLunch Break (55 minutes)
4/291:00 PM-2:10 PMMystery Mare (60 minutes)
4/292:10 PM-3:20 PMGallop (60 minutes)
4/293:20 PM-4:30 PMOptional Activities
4/294:30 PMAwards Ceremony

*Schedule subject to change. Note that there is built-in buffer time to explain instructions and assist with technical difficulties.*


Medals will be given to (at minimum) the members of the top 3 teams of each division, along with certificates of participation to all students and certificates of achievement to high-scoring teams. A wide variety of other prizes are available for top scoring teams, winners of activities, and a raffle including prizes from Wolfram, AoPS, and more!



MMT has a unique take on standard math competitions
2022 Participant
MMT focused less on calculations than other math competitions
2022 Participant
I think this was a very nice way to spend my day.
2021 Participant
MMT's style of problems are much better than other tournaments. Unlike other tournaments that has the same style over the years, MMT has new and exciting styles of problems that makes it more fun to try and solve it on the spot
2022 Participant
MMT had people captivated even before the tournament started with their Discord server and problems of the day
2022 Participant
I really appreciate all that MMT has done and I look forward to the competition that is held next year! I must say that the MMT was an impressive execution of math competitions unlike anything I've seen before!
2022 Participant
My favorite memory from MMT was the teamwork - both chaotically and organizedly working with each other to solve the problems
2022 Participant